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improve employee engagement

The Four Stages of Employee Engagement

You’ve hired a great team with the right skills and experience; your products and services proposition is focused and effective; but how do you maintain and guide the level of energy and commitment required from your employees to achieve your business goals? To do this, you need your workforce to be prepared to deliver the […]

Managing employee overtime and employees who refuse to work overtime at Christmas

Christmas is an extremely busy time for many employers.  It can be a question of “all hands to the pump” and it’s therefore crucial that you’re able to rely on your employees working extra hours when required.  Often, this means asking employees to work overtime at short notice. But what should you do with employees […]

Are employee working hours too much?

A Telegraph article has reported on new research that suggests many UK staff are working at a rate that is more intense than ever. Recruiter Randstad surveyed 2,000 employees employed by companies of varying sizes and discovered that just over half of them believe that they are effectively doing the work of 1.4 people, or […]