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workplace bullying and harassment

Four ways to combat workplace bullying and harassment

Workplace bullying and harassment is more common than you may think. Not many people know what to do if they’re being bullied or harassed, or even what amounts to bullying and harassment, which means that a high percentage of incidents are not reported. Workplace harassment has received a lot of public criticism in the media […]

How to avoid unfair dismissal claims when employees “blow the whistle”

Blowing the Whistle There have been a number of high profile whistleblowing cases in the media recently, with disclosures being reported across different industries, from sexual harassment, to malpractice in the NHS. A number of these cases have been scrutinised for the poor treatment of whistleblowers, and the incorrect use of non-disclosure agreements to keep them silent. […]

The Art of Managing Older Workers

Managers are increasingly finding that they have to manage workers that are older than them, according to a Business Insider article, and deal with the challenges that this presents. For example, some younger managers may be asked to ‘prove’ that they have what it takes to lead more experienced employees. One manager quoted in the […]

Exploring the link between employee happiness and performance

In this TED talk, Shawn Achor makes a case for the link between employee happiness and performance, arguing that 75% of job successes are predicted by our optimism levels, our social support and our ability to see stress as a challenge rather than as a threat. Most companies follow a formula for success which is: […]

HR Challenges

  New research by ORC International has revealed that leadership development, employee engagement and attracting the best talent are the three main HR challenges both in the UK and worldwide, reports Workplace Law. The study also found that HR professionals in the UK are feeling more optimistic about their organisation’s performance and future than they […]

Getting the best from your staff

Raconteur Media explores the idea of empowering and inspiring your workforce in order to help them excel in an article published this week. Award winning journalist Tim Smedley reports on how getting the best from your staff can mean the difference between the success and failure of a business. The key to improving employee engagement […]

Hewlett-Packard stops home working

Hewlett-Packard stops home working as CEO Meg Whitman announces that she wants all employees to work in the office, reported Marketplace recently. “During this critical turnaround period, HP needs all hands on deck,” Whitman commented. The news comes in the wake of Yahoo’s decision to ban home working in February, a move that seems to have […]

How to manage poor performance (part 2)

In our last blog post, we discussed the measures that business owners can take to communicate performance expectations and to deal informally with poor performing employees.  By using these strategies, you will hopefully minimise the risk of having to take a more formal route.  However, sometimes informal discussions aren’t enough and this article outlines the […]

How to manage poor performance

Employers sometimes shy away from dealing with poor performing employees because of worries about breaching employment legislation or handling difficult conversations. However, the effects of unsatisfactory performance shouldn’t be underestimated.  Are you or others spending time each week correcting mistakes made by the same staff member?  Or are you losing business because an employee is […]

7 qualities your best employees should have

How do you achieve a competent and motivated workforce?  There are a number of ways of developing talented staff but the foundations of a professional team lie in your recruitment decisions.  If you don’t hire individuals that have the skills and potential to meet your business objectives, it’s doubtful that subsequent training or support initiatives […]