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Managing short-term and long-term sickness absence

Managing short-term and long-term sickness absence

Managing sickness absence effectively can be challenging for employers, it often requires a sensitive approach coupled with a good understanding of the law and it can become difficult to create balance between supporting the employee and encouraging them back to work. When looking at the management of sickness at work, it’s important to first understand […]

How to implement “trigger points” to help manage absence

It’s important to establish set action points for both short-term and long-term absence as both types can cause difficulties for employers.  If an employee regularly takes one day off, you won’t be able to count on them being in the office when you really need them.  In the case of an employee who has been […]

How to measure time lost to sickness absence

There are four main ways of measuring time lost to sickness absence in the workplace. These are: Lost time rate The most commonly used measure is the lost time rate which shows the percentage of total time available that has been lost due to any type of absence during a certain time period. To calculate […]