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How do you keep your millennial workforce engaged?

In a recent article, Bobby Campbell, writing for Business Insider, suggests that the answer to engaging and retaining talent from your millennial workforce is to act like a game designer.

He argues that, “Millennials have been trained for job performance because of the way video games use this system. Game designers understand the power and psychology of the dopamine reward system and incorporate it into gameplay, literally making their games more addictive.”

To keep your millennial workforce engaged, Campbell says we need to do three things:

1 – Develop a consistent reward system – build bonus structures around clear goals.

2 – Dangle the pot of gold reward – random rewards help to maintain motivation.

3 – Realise generational differences are cultural as well as chemical – in addition to your reward system, millenials like a relaxed working environment, social engagement and meaningful work.

If you haven’t thought about how you motivate, engage and retain your millenial workforce, this article will give you some food for thought. Read more here: 3 Management Skills Hiring Managers Can Learn From Video Games.