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Restructuring and redundancies

Our team of HR consultants are skilled in leading and managing the HR aspects of restructures and redundancies. We can support organisations without any HR in this process, or we can work alongside your existing HR team to help with the process if required. If you would like to talk to us about your requirements, please call us on 01271 859 267 or email office@fitzgeraldHR.co.uk.

Why you may need to restructure or make redundancies.

Over time it is inevitable that the needs of your business may change. For example, you may introduce a new product or service, switch the suppliers, equipment or machinery that you use, your customer base may change or you may need to cut costs. This can all affect the number of staff that you employ and the type of skills that you need your staff to have, which may require you to restructure your business.

When more significant changes occur, such as when a business or workplace is closing or where there is a reduced need for employees to carry out work of a particular kind, the need for redundancies will arise.

Redundancy is potentially a fair reason for dismissal but a redundancy dismissal will only be considered to be fair in a legal sense, if there is a genuine redundancy situation and a fair procedure has been followed. This includes ensuring appropriate consultation has taken place either individually or collectively, depending on the numbers of staff it is proposed are to be made redundant.

Restructuring and making redundancies can be a difficult process for both employers and employees to go through, even those who are not directly affected. It can affect morale, productivity and take considerable management time and therefore affect the day to day running of the business.

To retain the trust and support of your employees it is important that redundancy processes are handled well and in accordance with employment legislation.

How we can help

At FitzgeraldHR, our consultants can support you with the management of the process by guiding you throughout your business restructure, or by providing resources or assistance at a particular stage. For example, our consultants can help you with he following.

  • Preparing your business case for restructure and proposed redundancies, to ensure that you can demonstrate that there’s a genuine redundancy situation.
  • Planning for any proposed redundancies, addressing time scales, business impact and looking at ways in which redundancies may be avoided or limited.
  • Careful identification of the group from which employees are to be selected for redundancy (the selection pool). Where an employer makes redundancies without considering a selection pool correctly, the dismissals will be legally unfair.
  • Looking at whether asking for volunteers for redundancy would be appropriate.
  • Carrying out meaningful consultation with employees for the required period of time.
  • Facilitating the election of employee representatives for collective consultation where this is required, together with the provision of any information which you are legally obliged to give.
  • Supporting the process of selection of individuals from the pool, based on objective criteria. Employers need to take great care in the choice and application of the criteria to avoid factors which may be discriminatory on any grounds.
  • Advising on the process to be followed where individuals are selected for redundancy.
  • Preparing the written notice of redundancy, calculating and explaining how redundancy payments have been made.
  • Consideration of suitable alternative employment and the management of trial periods.
  • Handling any appeals from employees against the decision to make them redundant.
  • Providing outplacement advice to employees leaving, to maintain their morale and help them find alternative employment.
  • Supporting staff remaining in the organisation, as part of a forward looking strategy, ensuring communication of the importance of their role in the organisation and their retention.
  • Training managers to ensure they have the necessary skills and are given essential support to handle the process effectively.

If you are looking to restructure your business or anticipate the need to make redundancies within your workforce, give us a call on 01271 859267 or email office@fitzgeraldhr.co.uk to see how we can help.