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Do you need an interim HR Manager or a part time HR Manager?

Interim HR Manager

From time to time you may need a HR Manager to support you whilst you’re recruiting a permanent member of staff, or to provide additional support to your exisiting HR team due to increased workloads.

When this is the case, we can provide you with an interim HR Manager and, if you would like us to, we can also support you in the recruitment of your new HR Manager.

Part time HR Manager

Many of our clients like to have an on site HR Manager who works with them for half a day, a whole day, or a few days a week. When not on site, their HR Manager is still available to answer any questions or deal with any issues that arise within the business.

If you would like the support of a HR Manager who works with you for a set period of time each week, please give us a call on 01271 859 267 (or email us at office@fitzgeraldhr.co.uk) and we can talk about how we can help.