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A range of HR Outsourcing Services to suit you.

There are times when employers wish to outsource all of their HR to a company, so that they can get on with the business of running their organisation. When this is the case, we offer you an expert and experienced team of HR Consultants, with a lead consultant who is specifically assigned to you.

From our office in North Devon, Mid Devon, and London, we work with clients who have just one or two employees, to medium sized employers who outsource all of their HR to us. We also provide HR support to larger organisations when they need an extension to their existing HR team and wish to outsource one aspect of their HR function (such as disciplinary or grievance investigations, line manager training, recruitment, or pre-employment screening).

We work with clients from many sectors, including distribution, retail, manufacturing, construction, schools, farming, doctors’ surgeries, communications agencies, insurance, hospitality, professional services and charities.

Benefits of outsourcing HR

Outsourcing your HR is a cost effective way for small and medium-sized employers to gain the knowledge and expertise of a team of HR professionals, which would be prohibitive if hired internally.

Working with us provides you with increased flexibility and speed of response to your workforce needs. There is also improved management information (including human capital metrics).

And with access to improved HR IT systems and HR expertise not available internally, you will benefit from improved efficiency whilst reducing your risk.

What are the costs?

We tailor-make plans to suit the needs of all our clients. For more information, please email office@fitzgeraldHR.co.uk.

Next steps

To talk about your HR requirements, give us a call on 01271 859 267 or email office@fitzgeraldHR.co.uk.