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HR Consultancy delivered to your door

As an HR Consultancy, we know the kinds of issues managers and supervisors face on a day to day basis.

Sometimes, they just need someone to talk to about how best to handle these issues so they can be handled effectively and with confidence. If you don’t have an HR team, this can sometimes result in a real lack of knowledge in the business about how to deal with issues swiftly whilst staying on the right side of the law. And this may result in problems being avoided or ignored.

A little bit of HR support can go a long way towards giving managers the confidence to deal promptly with difficult staffing issues. We offer an onsite, three hour, HR Clinic to be used as often or as little as you need it.

How does it work?

1 – You let us know you’d like to book a HR Clinic

2 – We send you a briefing to send out to your managers about when we’ll be with you and inviting them to the clinic

3 – An HR Consultant arrives on site and answers all your questions and helps you solve your HR issues

What kind of issues can we help with?

We can help with anything HR related. Here are some examples:

  • Handling a disciplinary situation
  • Dealing with poor staff performance
  • A problem with staff sickness
  • How to handle a redundancy situation
  • Persistent lateness
  • An employee with a negative attitude that affects the whole team

How to book

To book a HR Clinic at your place of work, or for more information, please call 01271 859 267 or email office@fitzgeraldHR.co.uk