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working under protest

Working under Protest – The Power of Silence

Many people believe that where an employee works without protest after changes to their terms and conditions they have effectively accepted the changes. However the Court of Appeal in Abrahall V Nottingham City Council have ruled otherwise. Often where changes are made to an employment contract, the employer will face resistance. However, in some circumstances the […]

Post-termination restrictions - Your complete HR guide

Post-termination restrictions – Your complete HR guide

Post-termination restrictions are used by many organisations, but it’s important to draft them appropriately to ensure that the restrictions are enforceable. Why are Restrictive Covenants used? Restrictive covenants are normally used to lay out conditions on when and where employees can work once their employment is terminated or they resign. However, it’s important to bear […]

Taylor Review

Good Work: The Government’s Response to the Taylor Review

The Taylor review was an independent review of modern working practices giving consideration to different forms of work and the impact on workers rights in addition to the challenges facing the labour market. The government has now published its response to that review which we have detailed in this post to outline the key points […]

GDPR for employers

ICO’s 12 Steps for GDPR Compliance

Does your business store and process personal data?  If so, whether it is data on clients, candidates or staff, the GDPR will be applicable.  GDPR – or the General Data Protection Regulation – comes into force on 25th May 2018, and will be legally binding for everyone in the UK. The GDPR directive looks at […]

Statutory Pay rates

Increasing statutory pay rates

New statutory rates have been published for maternity pay, paternity pay, shared parental pay, adoption pay and sick pay from April 2018 in addition to new National Minimum Wage and National Living Wage rates. Currently, the weekly rate of statutory maternity pay is £140.98 or 90% of the employee’s average weekly earnings if this figure […]

Recap of 2017

Recap of 2017

In 2017 we saw a number of proposed changes to legislation and tribunal cases which will impact the workforce going forward as we enter 2018. Here we recap over these important points and consider the impact they are likely to have on employment and the wider workforce. Getting ready for the GDPR: As 2017 has drawn […]

January motivation

Holiday Blues: January Motivation

January Motivation The first week back to work after taking time off is painful for everyone, no matter how many new year resolutions you are trying to distract yourself with. The most important thing to remember, and the best way to stay focused, is to be kind to yourself and realistic about how long it […]

misconduct at the Christmas party

How to deal with misconduct at the Christmas party

Dealing with misconduct issues arising at Christmas parties During the festive period, many managers and HR departments unfortunately find themselves faced with disciplinary issues arising from misconduct at the Christmas party. This blog post considers what action should be taken when companies experience difficult scenarios during work Christmas parties and how to resolve these. A […]


Deliveroo wins case for self-employment

Following on from our recent post on the Tribunal ruling on the Uber case, Deliveroo has since won its case at the tribunal. The case was brought by IWGB after asking Deliveroo to recognise it as a union and to start collective bargaining over workers’ rights. Deliveroo refused which led to this test case. In […]

sexual harassment

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Recent scandals to hit Hollywood and Westminster and research that 1 in 5 women have been the victims of sexual harassment at work has led to questions over whether organisations are doing enough to raise awareness and tackle such issues. Whilst having clear and visible policies on bullying and harassment is a good starting point, […]