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We believe in early intervention to effectively manage absence

When deciding what kind of absence management you need, take a look at the following services that we provide. You can choose just one of these, a selection of them, or all of them to help you manage absence in your organisation.

Absence management services

1.We can design and implement attendance management, sickness and return to work policies and forms.

2. We can take your absence calls for you, registering the details of each employee’s absence and reporting it to the line manager or HR.

3. We can remind managers to hold return to work interviews, or we can hold them for you.

4. We can hold absence review meetings when triggers signal the need for early intervention with your employees at your place of work.

5. We can work with your existing occupational health providers or our own Occupational Health partners to refer employees and obtain relevant medical reports.

6. We can record absence for you, track it, and produce reports for you accordingly.

What you get

Our absence management services will give you:

  • Peace of mind that absence is being accurately and consistently recorded
  • Reductions in your absence levels to generate significant savings
  • Early active support for employees and managers
  • Training and support for your line managers in managing absence
  • Access to a team of health and HR professionals to manage absence in your organisation effectively.

How much?

For the rates we charge, please call us on 01271 859 267 or email office@fitzgeraldHR.co.uk.

What next?

To talk about your HR needs and requirements, give us a call on 01271 859 267 or email office@fitzgeraldHR.co.uk