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Getting your employee engagement survey right

Many organisations make the mistake of attempting to improve employee engagement without asking employees what motivates them and would encourage them to perform better. And if they do organise a survey, an article by SurveyMonkey suggests that they are not always asking the right questions.

In conjunction with the Society for Human Resource Management Foundation (SHRM), SurveyMonkey has produced an employee engagement survey template that’s available free if you create an account (which is also free) with them. It covers people management practices such as career development, working relationships, rewards and the working environment.

The survey template was produced from a large body of research that SHRM had undertaken alongside a thorough review of other studies and academic literature and opinions from employee relations experts. It is designed to be useful in any type of organisation regardless of size and is suitable in the private, public and voluntary sectors. However, the template isn’t prescriptive; it can be used flexibly to meet particular requirements or priorities and other questions can be added. The software also boasts analytical tools that help organisations to compile customisable reports on the results.

Those outcomes focus on identifying areas of improvement, designing action plans, monitoring problem situations, assessing the effect of interventions and comparing results over periods of time and within departments or locations.

You can read more about the employee engagement template here: Employee Engagement Survey