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Employee Benefits

Pay and benefits: Which are the most popular?

Why do companies need to offer employee benefits? It’s an employee’s market. Unemployment is at a low and job seekers are able to search through thousands of jobs on their phone in an instant. They quite literally hold the power in their hands. And whilst employee benefits will never outweigh a fair and competitive salary, […]

Why SMEs should care about Gender Pay Gap

Should smaller organisations care about the Gender Pay Gap?

The results are out, the gender pay gap varies across industry sectors, but three quarters of the companies that participated in gender pay gap reporting pay men more than women. This is as a result of both society-led and organisation-driven reasons. But why should organisations with under 250 employees care? Closing the Gap To close the […]

DBS Checks

DBS checks: the future of DBS checks following a recent ruling

The Court of Appeal recently ruled that the current system for checking criminal records (DBS checks) is ‘disproportionate’ and requires change. The DBS check system is in place to provide employers with information about an individual’s suitability for a particular role. However, it has been ruled that this is insufficient in protecting a person’s right […]

5 pitfalls to avoid when hiring a new member of staff

Recruiting a new member of staff can be a lengthy and expensive process.  There’s the cost of placing the advert itself, the time it takes to sift through the CVs, interview candidates, draft contractual documentation and obtain references. Since you’ve invested this effort the last thing you want is to fall foul of any potential […]

Attracting three generations of employees

Much has been written about the different generations in the workforce and the characteristics possessed by each.  This is not just sensationalist journalism. The reality is that we have more generations in the workplace than ever before and with longer life expectancies this trend is set to continue. This, combined with the increasing pace of […]

disability and recruitment

Disability and Recruitment

Many employers can find themselves in a situation where they become aware that a recently appointed employee has a disability. This often causes significant concern for the employer as they worry about the potential costs of making reasonable adjustments. However, this need not be the case: reasonable adjustments are not necessarily expensive or difficult to […]

Withdrawing Offers of Employment on Health Grounds

Many offers of employment within schools are conditional upon the satisfactory completion of a medical assessment.   This is a sensible precaution as it allows the employer to be aware of any underlying conditions that may affect the individual’s ability to do the role, as well as provide guidance on reasonable adjustments that might be necessary.   […]

Are employment references worth the paper they’re written on?

It’s standard practice to request employment references as part of the recruitment process for new employees. It’s often the case that offers of employment are subject to the receipt of satisfactory references. At one time, you could rely on references to provide you with an in-depth account of an employee’s strengths and their flaws. However, in […]

Fit for Work – further information

With Fit for Work currently being rolled out across the country, we’ve prepared some detailed information that you may find useful to help understand the new service. Fit for Work is a government service that aims to help employees get back in to work sooner and reduce the chance of them falling out of work […]

Case study: How to recruit effectively

How to recruit effectively? We keep hiring people who leave us in the first year, either of their own accord or we have to let them go as they’re not quite right for the job or company. What measures can we put in place to make sure we get it right from now on? Research […]