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Performance Management

improve employee engagement

The Four Stages of Employee Engagement

You’ve hired a great team with the right skills and experience; your products and services proposition is focused and effective; but how do you maintain and guide the level of energy and commitment required from your employees to achieve your business goals? To do this, you need your workforce to be prepared to deliver the […]


How coaching benefits employees and your organisation

Coaching is the lever that drives ‘step-change’ performance improvement. There isn’t a single top-level sports person or team that doesn’t have a coach, so why isn’t this the case for business professionals? All industries can benefit from coaching in order to improve performance. Where experience and direction play a greater role, generally this is referred […]

Why SMEs should care about Gender Pay Gap

Should smaller organisations care about the Gender Pay Gap?

The results are out, the gender pay gap varies across industry sectors, but three quarters of the companies that participated in gender pay gap reporting pay men more than women. This is as a result of both society-led and organisation-driven reasons. But why should organisations with under 250 employees care? Closing the Gap To close the […]

Performance coaching – getting the most from your team

Performance coaching is a day to day management tool that can be used by leaders,  supervisors and managers to enhance their employees’ performance and  enable them to get the most from their teams. What is coaching? The aim of coaching is to bring about high performance and improvement at work.  It can be used to […]

Managing an underperforming teacher: the Capability Policy

This is the second instalment from a two part article on managing performance. To read part one, please click here: Managing an underperforming teacher For the past 5 weeks, the Teacher you’ve had performance concerns with has been on a Performance Improvement Plan. You’ve set clear targets linked to the Teachers’ Standards and have monitored […]

Managing an underperforming teacher: first steps

Teaching is a highly demanding profession: work performance is regularly monitored by the Senior Leadership Team, Ofsted, Governors and parents; there’s a huge time commitment involved in marking and lesson planning; and the children themselves can often pose their own challenges. It’s also highly rewarding and the vast majority of teachers do an outstanding job […]

Fit for Work – further information

With Fit for Work currently being rolled out across the country, we’ve prepared some detailed information that you may find useful to help understand the new service. Fit for Work is a government service that aims to help employees get back in to work sooner and reduce the chance of them falling out of work […]

Death of employee ranking scheme at Microsoft

A Computer World blog has revealed that the technology giant Microsoft has ditched its bell curve rankings system amid claims within the industry that it has played its part in the company’s poorer performance over the last few years. Instead, the company has introduced a programme of more frequent performance reviews and greater control for […]

Does the practice of openly ranking employees work?

A Knowledge@Wharton article questions the use of rankings and tables when measuring individual employee performance. Organisations introduce them on the assumption that employees work harder, either to pull up a bad rating or to maintain a high one, but a Wharton study reveals that this assumption is incorrect. The management professor in charge of the […]

Yahoo rates employees on a performance curve

According to a Bloomberg Businessweek article, Yahoo has moved from one HR controversy to another this year. A number of months ago, the company’s CEO announced that working from home would be banned and now a new assessment procedure has been introduced to require managers to grade employees on a performance curve and dismiss those […]