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employment law changes in april 2019

Employment law changes in April 2019

Employment Law Changes in April 2019 April is a busy month of the year for employment law changes.  With Brexit negotiations still underway, there’s an element of uncertainty over what other new changes may occur in the coming months. However, there are a few set-in-stone updates you need to know about that come into effect in […]

Employee Benefits

Pay and benefits: Which are the most popular?

Why do companies need to offer employee benefits? It’s an employee’s market. Unemployment is at a low and job seekers are able to search through thousands of jobs on their phone in an instant. They quite literally hold the power in their hands. And whilst employee benefits will never outweigh a fair and competitive salary, […]

Fit for Work – further information

With Fit for Work currently being rolled out across the country, we’ve prepared some detailed information that you may find useful to help understand the new service. Fit for Work is a government service that aims to help employees get back in to work sooner and reduce the chance of them falling out of work […]

Employees opting to stay in workplace pensions

Fewer employees than expected are opting out of new workplace pensions, reports Workplace Law. A new survey by the National Employment Savings Trust (Nest) found that only 9% of employees chose to leave workplace pension schemes after being automatically enrolled following the introduction of auto enrolment legislation,significantly lower than the Government’s prediction that a third […]

Almost a third of SMEs refusing to comply with pensions auto-enrolment

Workplace Law highlights new research that found that a significant 32% of small and medium sized businesses (SMEs) are opting not to comply with pensions auto-enrolment legislation. A staggering 66% of SMEs have little or no knowledge of the legislation, research conducted by Clarity Surveys on behalf of employee benefits adviser, Secondsight, found. The study […]

Acknowledging Pensions Auto-enrolment

One of the biggest changes in UK pensions is taking place right now.  Because people are living longer but not saving adequately for their retirement, the country has been facing a pensions financial ‘black hole’ for some time, leading to the introduction of pensions auto-enrolment. So what does this mean for your business?  Well, auto-enrolment […]