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improve employee engagement

The Four Stages of Employee Engagement

You’ve hired a great team with the right skills and experience; your products and services proposition is focused and effective; but how do you maintain and guide the level of energy and commitment required from your employees to achieve your business goals? To do this, you need your workforce to be prepared to deliver the […]

Employee Benefits

Pay and benefits: Which are the most popular?

Why do companies need to offer employee benefits? It’s an employee’s market. Unemployment is at a low and job seekers are able to search through thousands of jobs on their phone in an instant. They quite literally hold the power in their hands. And whilst employee benefits will never outweigh a fair and competitive salary, […]

January motivation

Holiday Blues: January Motivation

January Motivation The first week back to work after taking time off is painful for everyone, no matter how many new year resolutions you are trying to distract yourself with. The most important thing to remember, and the best way to stay focused, is to be kind to yourself and realistic about how long it […]

Performance coaching – getting the most from your team

Performance coaching is a day to day management tool that can be used by leaders,  supervisors and managers to enhance their employees’ performance and  enable them to get the most from their teams. What is coaching? The aim of coaching is to bring about high performance and improvement at work.  It can be used to […]

Social cohesion leads to great results at work

In this recent TED Talk business leader Margaret Heffernan looks at what drives high-achieving teams, arguing that ‘the superchicken model’, in which the value is placed on star employees who outperform others, doesn’t work but social cohesion does.

Does the practice of openly ranking employees work?

A Knowledge@Wharton article questions the use of rankings and tables when measuring individual employee performance. Organisations introduce them on the assumption that employees work harder, either to pull up a bad rating or to maintain a high one, but a Wharton study reveals that this assumption is incorrect. The management professor in charge of the […]

Re-imagining work

Hewlett and Packard and Yahoo have recently stopped their employees from homeworking, believing that for “all hands to be on deck”, they need everyone in the office. This RSA video featuring Dave Coplin is a really interesting alternative view point on home working and felxible working, suggesting that the issue is one of trust. What’s […]

Gamification as a management tool

The development of technology such as the internet, smartphones and online gaming has significantly changed our lives. Now it seems that the generation who grew up with powerful consoles and sophisticated, multi-player, role-playing games is having an impact upon how businesses manage and develop their employees through gamification. If you think that’s a bit far-fetched, […]

Exploring the link between employee happiness and performance

In this TED talk, Shawn Achor makes a case for the link between employee happiness and performance, arguing that 75% of job successes are predicted by our optimism levels, our social support and our ability to see stress as a challenge rather than as a threat. Most companies follow a formula for success which is: […]

How do you keep your millennial workforce engaged?

In a recent article, Bobby Campbell, writing for Business Insider, suggests that the answer to engaging and retaining talent from your millennial workforce is to act like a game designer. He argues that, “Millennials have been trained for job performance because of the way video games use this system. Game designers understand the power and […]