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implement business change

How to implement a successful business change process

Business change can be the innovation that your organisation needs, but change can often spark fear and uncertainty. It’s important to plan how to implement business change carefully in advance so that you comply with the requirements of employment law, as well as communicate the changes to bring your employees with you during the transition. […]

New year, new outlook: five HR resolutions to reduce staff turnover

Pursuing a career ambition was the sixth most popular New Year’s resolution amongst Brits in 2018, so it’s no surprise that January often brings a current of change at workplaces up and down the country. People look to make more money, climb the career ladder or switch environments – meaning you could be in for […]

HR Departments: Still Crucial to Business Performance

A recent blog post on LinkedIn, which questioned the need for HR departments in today’s business world, generated significant controversy and heated debate within the HR community. A follow-up article by Josh Bersin has responded by arguing that HR departments are still crucial to organisations. Josh points to research undertaken by The Conference Board and […]

Is HR redundant?

A recent LinkedIn article by Bernard Marr raises the provocative question: do businesses no longer require their HR departments? Bernard points out that even the name ‘human resources’ is a big no-no, stating that no employee wants to be called such and that people are at the heart of any successful company. He also argues […]

The benefits of outsourcing your HR

HR outsourcing is when organisations contract out their HR functions to an expert company. Businesses can choose to opt for a full service, where everything from recruitment to pay and disciplinary procedures is managed or they can pick and choose the HR outsourcing services they need, such as the development of employee handbooks or managing […]