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manage work related stress

How to manage work related stress

April is ‘Stress Awareness Month’, which has been promoted by the Stress Management Society since 1992. In that time, wellbeing movements have become more visible, and mental health awareness has increased. The discussion is moving in the right direction, but we still have a long way to go to improve our relationship with stress, and reduce […]

employment law discrimination claims

Employment law round up: Discrimination claims at tribunal

To keep you up to date with relevant developments in employment law, we’ve drafted a summary of some of the most recent cases and what they mean for your employment practices. This includes examples of the importance of following fair procedures and policies to treat all employees equally and avoid discrimination claims. We also look […]

Malingering: How to manage dishonest employee sickness absence

How to manage capability when an employee is dishonest

When an employee is unable to undertake the full duties of their role or they have high levels of sickness absence due to an illness, this can be difficult for employers to manage.  From time to time, we all have unavoidable periods of illness, and need time to recover. In rare cases however, you may […]

New National Health and Work Service Launches in Autumn 2014

As the Government prepares for the new National Health and Work Service, which launches in some selected geographical areas from October 2014 (and a full National Service by April 2015), employers will need to get to grips with how the new service will impact on the way in which they manage absences. With the new […]

Crisis of overburdened and stressed managers

A Bupa survey of 6,000 employees has revealed that 10% of managers are so close to breaking point that they cannot provide adequate support to their staff, according to a Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development article. Other worrying results include: 20% of middle managers had felt stressed for a year or more 50% of […]

Is testing staff for alcohol misuse a good idea?

A recent Workplace Law article has highlighted a call from The Alcohol Health Network for employers to introduce standard alcohol tests to identify those at risk. According to its founder, Don Shenker, organisations would then be able to provide support and guidance to employees who may be developing a drinking problem. This is an interesting […]

Prime minister vows to fight EU red tape

David Cameron has vowed to take the fight on red tape surrounding employment law to the EU, reports the BBC. His actions come as a result of a report compiled by some the country’s most high-profile business leaders, which found that red tape is costing UK firms billions of pounds. The report outlines arguments on […]

Employment law changes October 2013

With the arrival of October, it’s time to review the employment law changes that came into effect on the 1st of the month. As ever, we’d advise you to check which of them affects your business and make sure you comply with the new requirements. Read on for a review of the employment law changes […]

Are we a nation of stressed out staff?

YouGov’s ‘Big Work Survey’ finds that the UK is a nation of stressed out staff, reports Workplace Law. Stress at work On questioning 2,011 UK working adults and 520 senior decision makers, research on behalf of Westfield Health discovered that 64% of respondents feel stressed at work and that 82% of employees had worked over […]

6th April 2012 employment law update

April brings with it the latest increases to statutory maternity, paternity, adoption and sick pay. There has also been an increase to the qualifying period to bring an unfair dismissal claim from 1 year to 2 years, and changes to RIDDOR mean that the requirement to report over-three-day injuries will change to seven days. For […]