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Employee Engagement

manage work related stress

How to manage work related stress

April is ‘Stress Awareness Month’, which has been promoted by the Stress Management Society since 1992. In that time, wellbeing movements have become more visible, and mental health awareness has increased. The discussion is moving in the right direction, but we still have a long way to go to improve our relationship with stress, and reduce […]

improve employee engagement

The Four Stages of Employee Engagement

You’ve hired a great team with the right skills and experience; your products and services proposition is focused and effective; but how do you maintain and guide the level of energy and commitment required from your employees to achieve your business goals? To do this, you need your workforce to be prepared to deliver the […]

Christmas Party

The Christmas Party: Five ways Employers can keep things jolly

Overindulgence is part of the festive season. That extra mince pie at the market, the glass of red on a cosy dark night in, the endless sweet treats not to mention the mammoth feast on Christmas day itself! It is very easy to get carried away with it all. Yet there is one place where […]

Why SMEs should care about Gender Pay Gap

Should smaller organisations care about the Gender Pay Gap?

The results are out, the gender pay gap varies across industry sectors, but three quarters of the companies that participated in gender pay gap reporting pay men more than women. This is as a result of both society-led and organisation-driven reasons. But why should organisations with under 250 employees care? Closing the Gap To close the […]

Tips for drafting your employee engagement survey

‘Employee engagement’ is an increasingly used expression in many organisations and yet there is no single definition of what this term actually means.  It generally refers to a win-win working arrangement in which the employer provides the right conditions for employees to feel motivated to actively work towards the organisation’s success. When there is high […]

Performance coaching – getting the most from your team

Performance coaching is a day to day management tool that can be used by leaders,  supervisors and managers to enhance their employees’ performance and  enable them to get the most from their teams. What is coaching? The aim of coaching is to bring about high performance and improvement at work.  It can be used to […]

How to manage staff during major sporting events

The 2015 Rugby World Cup kicks off on the 18th September and with England as the host nation, the sense of excitement and anticipation is building. However, as an employer you can find yourself faced with a variety of issues that you wouldn’t normally have to deal with.  What issues may I be faced with? […]

Social cohesion leads to great results at work

In this recent TED Talk business leader Margaret Heffernan looks at what drives high-achieving teams, arguing that ‘the superchicken model’, in which the value is placed on star employees who outperform others, doesn’t work but social cohesion does.

Getting your employee engagement survey right

Many organisations make the mistake of attempting to improve employee engagement without asking employees what motivates them and would encourage them to perform better. And if they do organise a survey, an article by SurveyMonkey suggests that they are not always asking the right questions. In conjunction with the Society for Human Resource Management Foundation […]

Living Wage Versus National Minimum Wage

A recent Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development article has covered the debate that is being reflected in the business and political communities: is it no longer enough to pay employees the National Minimum Wage? Cosmetics company Lush made the change to paying its London staff the living wage after it found out that some […]