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workplace bullying and harassment

Four ways to combat workplace bullying and harassment

Workplace bullying and harassment is more common than you may think. Not many people know what to do if they’re being bullied or harassed, or even what amounts to bullying and harassment, which means that a high percentage of incidents are not reported. Workplace harassment has received a lot of public criticism in the media […]

employment law discrimination claims

Employment law round up: Discrimination claims at tribunal

To keep you up to date with relevant developments in employment law, we’ve drafted a summary of some of the most recent cases and what they mean for your employment practices. This includes examples of the importance of following fair procedures and policies to treat all employees equally and avoid discrimination claims. We also look […]

How to avoid unfair dismissal claims when employees “blow the whistle”

Blowing the Whistle There have been a number of high profile whistleblowing cases in the media recently, with disclosures being reported across different industries, from sexual harassment, to malpractice in the NHS. A number of these cases have been scrutinised for the poor treatment of whistleblowers, and the incorrect use of non-disclosure agreements to keep them silent. […]

Malingering: How to manage dishonest employee sickness absence

How to manage capability when an employee is dishonest

When an employee is unable to undertake the full duties of their role or they have high levels of sickness absence due to an illness, this can be difficult for employers to manage.  From time to time, we all have unavoidable periods of illness, and need time to recover. In rare cases however, you may […]

Unconscious Bias in Recruitment

Is unconscious bias damaging your recruitment process?

If you’ve experienced an unsuccessful recruitment process in the past, you may be overlooking how unconscious bias could be preventing you from finding the right candidate for your role. To reduce the impact of unconscious bias, it’s important to first understand how it occurs, and then consider what you can do to overcome it. What […]

Maternity leave discrimination: key facts and how to avoid it

The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) recently released a report estimating that 54,000 new mothers lose their jobs every year in Britain.  At the same time, Citizens Advice recorded a 60% increase in calls seeking advice on maternity leave discrimination. With awards for  claims being potentially uncapped, this article explores the most prevalent issues […]

Disability harassment

A recent case, in which a line manger made inappropriate comments during a return-to-work interview, has highlighted the importance of equal opportunities training and the need for clear and concise equality and diversity policies. Inappropriate comments PC Gardner, who had been absent from work for six weeks with stress and insomnia, attended a return-to-work interview […]

Time Limits when making Reasonable Adjustments

In the case of Jobcentre Plus V Jamil, the EAT held that the claimant had brought her claim in time holding that the discriminatory act extended over a period and was not out of time from the date of refusal to make a reasonable adjustment. The claimant, a disabled employee with a condition of dormant […]

The Role of Occupational Health Reports in Disability Discrimination

While an occupational health report is a valuable source of information in managing a case of long-term absence or supporting a disabled employee, a recent case has highlighted the dangers of relying solely upon such a document to determine whether an employee is disabled. In the case of Gallop v Newport City Council, the employee […]

UK Gender Pay Gap Widening

There’s bad news for women in the workplace, according to a recent Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development article. The Office for National Statistics has revealed that the gap in earnings between full time male and female workers has grown to 10%, compared with 9.5% in 2012. While it’s welcome that full time earnings rose […]