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Parliamentary commission to combat bad management

A new cross-party Parliamentary Commission has been established to find out why UK managers perform so poorly, according to a Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development article. Led by the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Management and the Chartered Management Institute, the project’s objectives include discovering why management favours cost cutting over development and making recommendations on how management practice can change to drive economic growth.

The Commission has been set up as a result of research, including a 2012 report published by the government and the CIPD, that indicates bad management is holding back business performance in the UK. Worse still, a separate report from the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills suggests that the performance of British managers doesn’t compare well against their counterparts in countries such as Germany, Japan and the USA.

The co-chair of the new Commission is reported in the article as emphasising the importance of the quality of management and leadership in the creation of employment opportunities and economic success. The Commission’s work will invite heads of growing businesses that have employed innovative management techniques and philosophies to talk to the Commission and use their experiences to share good practice within the business world.

Part of the issue seems to be that many managers and companies don’t even realise that they are performing badly and are creating problems for themselves in ever-changing markets and economies. This project is designed to raise awareness and encourage managers to be open about changing their behaviour and ways of working.

The Commission’s goal is to devise a plan of practical action that will improve line management performance and to promote them as widely as possible. It will be working on the report throughout the rest of this year and is expected to publish its findings at some point in 2014.

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