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employment law discrimination claims

Employment law round up: Discrimination claims at tribunal

To keep you up to date with relevant developments in employment law, we’ve drafted a summary of some of the most recent cases and what they mean for your employment practices. This includes examples of the importance of following fair procedures and policies to treat all employees equally and avoid discrimination claims. We also look […]

European Settlement Scheme

The EU Settlement Scheme: What can employers communicate?

Brexit has been the controversial word on everybody’s lips since the UK voted to leave the European Union (EU) on Thursday 23rd June 2016. Some political commentators have warned that societal apathy is becoming dangerous as people tire of hearing about Brexit, choosing to sleepwalk towards the March 29th leave date. UK employers, however, do not […]

The Apprenticeship Levy Explained

6th April 2017 will see changes to the way the government funds apprenticeships in England. George Osborne announced in his Autumn Statement in November 2015, as Chancellor at that time, a target of achieving 3 million ‘high quality’ apprenticeships by 2020. This will obviously cost money and Mr Osborne has placed the responsibility for funding […]

The latest legal position on how overtime affects holiday pay

Overtime and its inclusion in the calculation of an employee’s holiday pay has been a hot topic before courts and tribunals recently. Tribunal decisions have shed some light on the matter and the latest legal position is summarised below. Please keep in mind, however, that this legal position is by no means the final answer […]