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The General Data Protection Regulation: 4 steps to ensure your ongoing compliance

For many businesses, employers and professionals, May 2018 was a stressful time. Getting ready for the General Data Protection Regulation meant that we had to audit our practices, and make changes to our data protection processes in order to comply with the new regulations in time for the May deadline. The General Data Protection Regulation […]

Malingering: How to manage dishonest employee sickness absence

How to manage capability when an employee is dishonest

When an employee is unable to undertake the full duties of their role or they have high levels of sickness absence due to an illness, this can be difficult for employers to manage.  From time to time, we all have unavoidable periods of illness, and need time to recover. In rare cases however, you may […]

Unconscious Bias in Recruitment

Is unconscious bias damaging your recruitment process?

If you’ve experienced an unsuccessful recruitment process in the past, you may be overlooking how unconscious bias could be preventing you from finding the right candidate for your role. To reduce the impact of unconscious bias, it’s important to first understand how it occurs, and then consider what you can do to overcome it. What […]

January motivation

Holiday Blues: January Motivation

January Motivation The first week back to work after taking time off is painful for everyone, no matter how many new year resolutions you are trying to distract yourself with. The most important thing to remember, and the best way to stay focused, is to be kind to yourself and realistic about how long it […]